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Erica B.
I love my blueberry diapers! I only have 3 (cow print, lemon lime and hands print) because the cost was a little more expensive than my other diapers at the time of purchase. I plan on buying more and trying the swaddlebees as well. I feel comfortable leaving my daughter in the diaper longer than other diapers so I will use them overnight or when we leave the house and I know I might not be able to change her after the usual 3 hours.

I called the customer service once before because I have an ammonia buildup issue and needed maintenance advice. The woman was so helpful! She was also very chatty about anything else I brought up about the diapers and didn't try to get me off the phone, I wish I would have got her name, she was great!
lindsey showers
I am new to cloth diapering and wanted to try to save a little more money by using prefolds and covers in addition to some of our pocket diapers. Turns out I love my prefolds and blueberry cover even better than my pockets! They're quick and easy and I don't have to baby the prefolds! :-) the blueberry cover is pretty bulky on my 8.5lb 6 week old but it contains bf poo no problem! I've had a few wet leaks with my pockets diapers but so far none with the blueberry cover. Although the cover is not very trim on her right now, I feel like it will definitely fit her for a long time!
Mary Rodio w/ Paige
I have used a lot of different diaper brands. Even while pregnant I spent a lot of time researching different brands and types and buying a select sample of many different ones. After trying out a lot Blueberry One Size diapers currently make up the bulk of my stash. I love the bamboo inserts. I have never had leaks with either the standard model or the minky (which I LOVE). The patterns and prints were some of the cutest on the market which is what drove me to purchase them in the start but I soon realized that the overall quality of the diaper was well the price. I hadn't used the diapers in the newborn stage, but starting at about three months we tried and they fit great. She is now 21 months old and still using the Blueberry diapers with room to go.
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Kathryn Turbek
I LOVE these diapers! They are very absorbent and are our go to night time diapers. I haven't had any issues with them. They are amazing!!
Amy Lanctot
My absolute favourite pocket diaper!! So absorbent!