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What Makes Our Diapers Special

Whether it's Swaddlebees or Blueberry diapers, we put just as much care and effort in creating clean diapers the same way you would in making a meal for people you love--you start with the best ingredients.

Whenever possible, we source our fabrics from the USA. This not only ensures us that the fabric is manufacturedwithout any possible contaminants that may prove harmful to infants, but we have also found that the quality ismore consistent and surpasses that of its imported counterparts. Using US-made fabrics also helps keep the textile manufacturing industry alive in the US.

The cotton used to make our organic cotton fabrics is sourced from the US as much as possible. When supply is low, it is sourced from Turkey. But no matter where the cotton comes from , the fabric is still milled in the US. Even the polyester knit used to make our laminated fabrics are all made in the US. We design most of our prints and have them printed at a local fabric printing facility that strives to maintain a sustainable and environmentally-friendly operation by using aquaeousdyes instead of oil-based dyes, and reusing and recycling majority of the raw materials used in their operation.

We use latex-free elastics exclusively on all our diapering products. This type of elastic costs 3 times more than your typical polybraid or knitted elastic, but using latex-free elastic ensures us that the possibility of babies getting an allergic reaction with sensitivity to latex is greatly reduced, if not eliminated. And just like most of the fabrics we use, our latex-free elastic are made in the USA as well.

Our products are carefully manufactured in a professionally-run equal-opportunity facility in the US where seamstresses and workers are paid well , treated with respect, allowed sufficient time off to enjoy life and be with their families.

We pride ourselves in having one of the most anatomically-correct diapers available. Simply put, our diapers fit great. No sagging, bunching or stuff sticking out. We carefully design our diapers to conform to the unique shape of babies to ensure the best fit, comfort and function.We believe diapers aren't just waste-catchers, they're a fashion statement. So they have to look the part and fit well.